Allentown Spanish Radio will broadcast from the White House

A popular Allentown radio show will be broadcast Tuesday morning from the White House, as part of a Latino outreach initiative. Victor Martinez, owner of radio station La Mega and

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White House gives Intel nearly $20 billion for chip production

IE 11 is not supported. For the best experience, visit our site on another browser.Camembert faces potential threats in its production03:17Hundreds cut their hair for charity during 'The Great Cut'02:33Dozens

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Biden calls for national unity on Thanksgiving Day

NANTUCKET, Mass. — President Joe Biden called on a deeply divided United States to “end the hard feelings” as he

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Election officials plan vote counting changes for 2024, such as preprocessing mail-in ballots

Besides states counting votes faster and starting the process sooner, mail-in voting is expected to be down compared to 2020,

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US elections: Donald Trump wins Michigan court battle and qualifies for primary elections

Donald Trump scored a victory Wednesday in his fight against challenges to his White House eligibility when Michigan's highest court

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Will the United States ever succeed in breaking the two-party binary system? | Opinions

In the United States, each presidential election cycle inevitably includes

Joe Biden has raised more than Trump so far – here’s how US election fundraising is going

Americans spend huge amounts of money on their elections. According

Democrats look to national elections as uncertainty looms over federal elections

The Democrats are touting a new mantra to anyone who

Biden spends Thanksgiving at lavish Nantucket home

Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein gives his views on the Fed's actions to combat inflation in "The Claman Countdown." President

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“The Biden family business was Joe Biden, period”

WASHINGTON – A former business partner of the Biden family burned President Biden in a explosive opening statement during a

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Maria Bartiromo somehow links the release of a young Hamas hostage to Hunter Biden

Still a right-wing eccentric, Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo On Wednesday, he found a way to connect the release

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WSJ Editorial Board: Bobulinski Confirms Joe Biden Is ‘Central’ to Biden’s Business Influence

WASHINGTON — Joe Biden knew about his family's dealings with an energy company linked to the Chinese Communist Party, he

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President Smith: The Biden family protects ‘the brand,’ Joe Biden

WASHINGTON DC - Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (MO-08) joined Fox News host Bill Hemmer on Thursday to

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House Republicans set Hunter Biden deposition date for late February

WASHINGTON — Two Republican-led House committees announced Thursday that Hunter Biden will appear for a closed-door deposition on February 28

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Comer Finds Trend in Biden Family Business Investigation: ‘Very Concerning’

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses developments in the investigation into the Biden family's business dealings and the administration's climate agenda. The investigation into the Bidens' businesses intensifies in the House

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The 5 best moments from the House Oversight hearing on Biden family ‘influence peddling’

Two former associates of Hunter Biden testified publicly on Capitol Hill Wednesday as congressional Republicans advanced their impeachment inquiry into President Biden, leading to several tense and revealing moments.Tony Bobulinski,

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It’s time for the Biden family pet to be put down for good

There is perhaps no better example of our country's two-tiered justice system than the White House's constant cover-up of its

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