US political dysfunction a threat to world stability: report

US political dysfunction a threat to world stability: report | Washington Diplomat Home More

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Inside the White House: Letters to the President

Every day, President Obama reads ten letters from the public to stay in touch with America's issues and concerns. “Letters

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Biden critic who once worked with Hunter told lawmakers Joe Biden was an ‘enabler’ of his son’s overseas deals

A former business associate of Hunter Biden who became a critic of the Biden family testified before lawmakers Tuesday, reiterating

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Focus on Ukraine, China and ethical AI

Italy's Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. AP “The presidency of the G7 begins

The Most Salient News Events of 2023, Analyzed

Morning Consult’s Seen, Read, Heard project measures real-time media consumption throughout the

Eliminating the electoral college is favored by the majority of Americans

In 2000 and 2016, popular vote winners lost their bids for the

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Unraveling the mysteries of game theory in global politics

In this video we will talk about the basics of game theory, its components and its role in understanding international

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Voter advocates and conservative activists prepare for 2024 election clashes

Dec 7 (Reuters) - A year before voters choose the next U.S. president, groups on

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How a new way to vote is gaining traction in states — and could transform US politics

With U.S. democracy plagued by extremism, polarization and a growing disconnect between voters and lawmakers,

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Comer announces plans to subpoena major credit card companies for Biden family records: ‘We win’

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., discusses the latest news from the Biden family investigation as new

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human rights dilemma in global politics…

The ongoing situation in Palestine over the past seventy-five years stands as a stark testament to the double standards often

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To Understand Trump’s Appeal, Look to Alabama History

The results in the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary have made it clear that the GOP presidential primary

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Global Coronavirus Cases





More Information:Covid-19 Statistics

EDITORIAL: The Biden family’s banking game

NOTICE: President Biden is not interested in resolving questions regarding his problematic financial interactions with

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Columbia University Launches New Institute of Global Politics

With Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton at the helm, IGP will be based out of Columbia’s

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Fake Trump voters come full circle in Wisconsin, charged in Nevada

Former US President Donald Trump arrives to attend the Trump Organization civil fraud trial at

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Russia just made a crazy move, and no one saw it coming!!!

#geopolitics #russia Russia appears to have developed a strategy to completely detach itself from Western

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The White House holds a press briefing: watch live

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will hold a daily press briefing on Wednesday. The

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House Republicans set Hunter Biden deposition date for late February

WASHINGTON — Two Republican-led House committees announced Thursday that Hunter Biden will appear for a

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Political ad spending trends in September

In this week's episode of The Advantage, Ben and Rachel look back at September spending

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Please end the daily White House press briefings.

However, shortly after the briefing ended, someone set her straight and she tweeted the response

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Trump Couldn’t Shut Down the Border. Can Biden?

President Biden is pleading with Congress for new authority to shut down the nation’s overwhelmed

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